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IVETA VECMANE is a Latvian fashion label established in 2017 and represents timeless elegance of self- confident, empowered Northern European woman. Its core values are based on the principles of slow and sustainable fashion, encouraging clients to invest in hight quality clothing and creating a smart, long-term capsule wardrobe. All garments are produced in small batch quantities and available for pre – order in store and online. 


Designer and stylist Iveta Vecmane has established a strong position in Latvian fashion world and for the past 15 years is best known for her signature, authentic minimalistic touch. She blends elements inspired by traditional male wardrobe with feminine sensibility. Over the time, Iveta Vecmane's brand has gained its recognition and popularity due to the characteristic view of women's freedom, independence, and self-expression, by creating each look that helps women become noticed, heard, and appreciated. Iveta Vecmane presents her brand as a self-reflection, transforming previously accumulated knowledge and experience into her collection sequels MELANCHOLIA. She encourages Latvian woman to become an expression of an own personal brand, choosing clothes as a mean of communication and expressing the unique identity. 



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